In-Ground Niche

We are Proud to Introduce

The Only True In-Ground Niche in the Market

Niche Inurnment Capacity Depends on the Size and Shape of the Urns


1.-You are not obligated to use a certain kind and shape of urn;
your families have more freedom to choose the urn of their liking.​

2.-Urns are fully accessible after being inurned.​

3.-Large 21” x 21” memorialization surface area​.​

​4.-Memorializing templates available from 1 to 12 names​.​

​5.-Maximizes your ground space with a High Capacity – Small Footprint​.

6.-It can be installed anywhere as long as you can dig a hole​.​

7.-It won’t break or deform under pressure​.​

​8.-No water penetration​.​

​9.-Inert to degradation and deterioration, dirt and humidity will not rust it nor damage it. It will last forever.​

​10.-No maintenance needed​.​

​11.-Patented design made of thick and strong polyethylene​.​

​12.-Proudly Made in the USA​​

High Capacity
In-Ground Niche

Niches & Accesories

In-Ground Double Deep


In-Ground Single Deep