At Columbarium by Design We Manufacture the Most Versatile and Profitable MADE IN AMERICA Niche System in the Market. We offer Modern Designs, the Largest Capacity Niche, the Only True In-Ground Niche, Mausoleums, and Design-Architectural-Construction-Development-Marketing Services.

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The Only True In-Ground Niche in the Market

Niche Inurnment Capacity Depends on the Size and Shape of the Urns

Components of our Patent Columbarium System

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Niches & Accesories

Cabinet A


Cabinet B


Cabinet C



Mausoleum Crypt System

Mausoleum Crypt System


Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum Hill Plazas


Types of walls

Circular Walls

For our circular walls, we can face the niche opening in or out. As with our straight walls, we can use niches that can hold between 1 and 4 niches. Our facing-out applications use a specially design niche that tapers in towards the back that allow us to achieve the circular contour. We need a minimum diameter of 24 ft to achive a facing out circular wall is 24 feet.

Straight Walls

With various urn capacity options and our patent pending designs, we can create and accommodate to any straight wall width and height. Depending on the urns shape and size and inurnments management technique, our niches capacity can be for many generations, and with our wide array of front cover choices and our accessories, we can make your straight wall stand out from anything else you have seen.

Concave, Convex and Mixed Cut Walls

To create these unique vertical contoured designs, we use a combination of specially designed 4 urn capacity niches and a unique way of connecting them with our patent pending brackets. These walls are a trademark of Columbarium by Design and give any project a touch of ingenious elegance.

Disclaimer: Niche Inurnment Capacity Depends on the Size and Shape of the Urns

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